Financial Analysis and Modelling

Learn to use conceptual knowledge, practical and functional skills to design and implement precise financial solutions.

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Become a Certified Financial Analyst

BIA is offering you a unique opportunity to learn Financial Analysis & Modelling with hands-on training from expert faculty and mentors from the industry.

This course familiarizes participants with Financial Analysis skills like Excel, Advance Excel, Financial Modelling and Forecasting, Financial Management and Corporate Finance, Report Writing, Presentation Skills, and Interview Preparation.

To summarize the course enhances 3 important skill sets like, 1) Conceptual Knowledge wherein you will have expertise in Financial Statements; Financial Management and Ratio Analysis; Valuation Methods. 2) Practical Skills like Excel, Advance Excel, Financial Modelling, Report Writing, Presentation skills. 3) Functional Skills like Critical Thinking, Analytical Skills, Decision Making.

Our unified mode of delivery allows students the flexibility to attend the sessions online or in-class. This unique delivery methodology ensures that your learning is not affected by the lockdown.

Advance Excel and Applications:

o Formatting of Excel Sheets

o Data Filter and Sort

o Charts and Graphs

o Table formula and Scenario building

o Lookups: VLOOKUP

o Pivot tables

o How to Use Hyperlinks

o Use of Excel Formula Function

o Advanced Modelling Techniques

Introduction to Financial Management and Financial statement analysis:

o Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis

o Financial Reporting Mechanics

o Understanding Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement

o Financial Analysis Techniques

o Inventories, Long-Lived Assets

o Non-Current Liabilities

o Financial Statement Application

o Ratio analysis of industries

o Du point Analysis

o Peer to peer analysis

o Preparation of Financial Analysis report on an industry

Financial Management & Corporate Finance:

o Time value of money

o Long term financing

o Cost of capital

o Measure of Leverage

Project Finance Modelling:

o Why Project evaluations

o Stages of Project

o Construction & development phase

o Funding during investment phase

o Life of project; decision making

o Cash flow waterfall

o Resolving circular reference

Financial Modelling and Forecasting:

o Prepare Financial Statement

o Analyse Revenue and Costs

o Forecast Revenues, Costs, Debt etc

o Project Future Financial Statements

o Performa Adjustments, Compute Margins/Ratios

o Valuation- Discounted Cash Flow Method (DCF), Others

o Prepare Presentation Sheet, Company Overview, Sector Overview

Report Writing & Sector Overview

o Report Writing: Based on Financial Modeling

o Overview of different sectors such as retail, telecom, IT, Oil & Gas etc



No. Other than an attitude to learn, the participants require no other pre-requisites.

Please visit the course curriculum above.

The module is a 10 weeks weekend course.

We have new batches starting every month. For more information please visit us for a counselling session.